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I love Arashi!!! I fell in love with Sho while watching The Quiz Show 2 Ashita no Kioku music video. I also like all types of music ,books, and movies. I am also a yaoi fangirl :D!
(basic info will update when i have time)

Hello people of the world! :D I'm Joy!
I have finally created my own account!
(Cousin: Now you can stop mooching off my account(¬_¬))
(Me: Shut up you! Remember sharing is caring!XD)
Some of you know me as tea_clover which is actually my older cousin's account that we shared cause I was too lazy to make my own! XD
Now I am tea_sweets! :D
Like my cousin I am a really BIG fan of Arashi and I also fell in love with Sho.
...Anyway a major difference between our accounts is that hers will have R-rated yaoi/BL stuff at times and mine will not.
However I will be maintaing and blogging on both accounts because my cousin will probably be too lazy/busy to blog or do anything on her account except maybe she'll do a post every once in a while.
(Cousin: (¬_¬) )
(Me: Oh come on you know you're lazy)
(Cousin: ... It's true)

~Later Conversation~
(Me: See even your Bio. isn't finished)
(Cousin: ...)